Thousands of appointments to be made in various sectors; Insurgency will end by December: Raghubar Das
Source :NewsBharati   Date :14-Nov-2017

Dhanbad, November 14: The foundation stone of Binod Bihari Mahato Koylanchal University was laid down by the Chief Minister Raghuvar Das in Dhanbad on Monday. Also, a seven-story building and an Indoor Stadium in PK Roy Memorial College was inaugurated online.


While addressing the function, Chief Minister Raghuvar Das said that 50 thousand appointments will soon be made in other areas including education. He said that since Independence, there were only 82 colleges and eight universities in the state. In our tenure, 53 colleges and four universities were opened. He claimed that insurgency in the state will end by December.


He further added that Binod Bihari Mahato Koylanchal University will be started within two months. By 2020, its building will be ready. Approval of Rs.348.50 crore has been made for this. All the affiliated colleges of two districts of Bokaro and Dhanbad will be under the University.

Regarding changing the name of Pataliputra Medical College, the Chief Minister called on to dial number 181 to take the suggestions for the names from common people and said that the name of the hospital is named after Jharkhand and Dhanbad.

He said that there will be rule of law in the state. Investigation on the white collar Criminals of Dhanbad will be done and their property will be seized. The insurgency will end by December. Dhanbad has moved forward in cleanliness. The flyovers will also be built here and it will be included in the top ten cities.

The state of Jharkhand is part of the Naxal Belt, comprises 92,000 square kilometers. The state covers about 7.80 percent of India’s geographical area which accounts for 5.50 percent of India’s population. Jharkhand has been at the center of the Naxalite-Maoist insurgency. Since 1967 during the uprising of the Naxalites, about 6,000 people have been killed in the counter-insurgency operations between the Naxalites the police.

According to SATP, till April 2017, at least 22 persons, including 13 civilians, two Security Force (SF) personnel, and seven Left Wing Extremists (LWEs), have been killed in LWE-linked incidents in Jharkhand in 2017. During the corresponding period of 2016, there were 30 such fatalities (seven civilians, seven SF personnel, and 16 LWEs).