Ta-dah! Soon charge your cellphones on your go, anywhere, anytime
Source :NewsBharati   Date :16-Nov-2017

New Delhi, November 16: Today in our daily schedule we are totally dependent on our cellphones; take it for reading calendar, writing down important reminders, alarms, using internet for every question and the list goes on! Besides making calls we use cellphones for many things where it becomes necessary for us to keep our cell phones all charged up! Also people carry their power banks, chargers everywhere they travel but still this gets burdening and hectic at times, isn’t it? 

Soon there will be printable chargers for us which we can print and charge our cellphones! Want know how it will work? Read ahead.

Researchers from Dracula Technologies have come up with method to charge cell phones with ‘ambient light’. Scientists at Dracula Technologies, a French Solar Energy Company, have developed “LAYER” technology which means “Light As Your Energetic Response.” Essentially, LAYERs are thin, flexible solar cells that can be manufactured using an inkjet printer.


These cost-effective, foldable sheets are composed of a unique conductive plastic that can capture energy from both solar and artificial light making this technology much more versatile than many of its predecessors. A LAYER could either be printed onto the electronic device itself, or a larger sheet could be fixed to something that might capture more light, such as a backpack. That object, then, would be hooked up to the device.

“You can imagine printing it on a t-shirt and using that to charge your phone,” Sadok Ben Dkhil, a materials physicist with Dracula Technologies, said in an interview with New Scientist.

These solar cells only take about an hour to print and can be customized in shape and color, or even transparent. While the researchers are still looking for ways to shorten the time it takes the solar cells to charge cell phones, they are confident that the technology is almost ready for real-world applications.

“In a few months’ time, we should be able to charge a smartphone,” Ben Dkhil said in the interview. If this becomes so easy then charging our cellphones won’t be nightmare which we face it any times!