Mystery rises regarding #Zimbabwecrisis; reports say Mugabe does not want to step down
Source :NewsBharati   Date :17-Nov-2017

Harare, November 17: Zimbabwe political crisis is not going to be resolved soon and the mystery is rising every second. On Thursday Zimbabwe army announced that President Mugabe is going to resign and he will be sent to South Africa. In less than 24 hours gap, all the tweets have been deleted and reports are coming up that Mugabe does not want to step down from his post. The situation was created after Zimbabwe army took over the public broadcasting channel and kept Mugabe under house arrest.

The Herald newspaper of Zimbabwe tweeted photos of President Mugabe is meeting with Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga at State House in Harare. South African envoys were also present in the talk. After the meet, it was announced Mugabe will be sent to South Africa and will not go under any prosecution.

But as per latest reports President Mugabe is buying time by resisting the call to resign. The military was also tight lip about the outcome of the meeting. “Defence attaches accredited to Zimbabwe have been briefed to appraise their principals on the obtaining situation in the country,” the Zimbabwe Defense Force said.

“We will periodically make press releases to keep the public informed of developments in the country. The ZDF commended the nation for remaining patient and peaceful as they carry out the operation. The military already they had accounted for some of the criminals in order to bring them to justice.

The army is trying to make the Mugabe resign as they don’t want to prove the interventions as a coup. If only Mugabe resigns himself it will legitimize their action. Otherwise, African Union will instantly suspend Zimbabwe as it never allows coup or any unconstitutional change in power.

South Africa is trying to mediate in the matter as it is hosting thousands of Zimbabwe migrators and wants to settle the situation. Local residents are happy about military invention though they want Mugabe to be safe they don’t want him and Grace Mugabe to return to power.