Indian Army does ‘Dhoom’: Enters Guinness World Record with 58 men riding on single bike
Source :NewsBharati   Date :21-Nov-2017

Bengaluru, November 21: Like every coin having two sides, our Indian Army too has both sides. One is fierce and other is creative. It was a spectacular performance of Indian Army Service Corps (ASC), where 58 army men mounted on a single 500 cc Royal Enfield motorcycle and rode it for a distance of 1200 meters as part of a display at the Air Force Station Yelahanka in Bangaluru. Our Indian Army entered in the Book of Guinness World Record due to this fierce yet beautiful display. 

With this, our Indian Army has created a new world record for daredevilry with 'most men on a single motorcycle' feat. In a spectacular display of breathtaking stunt, 58 men of the Army Service Corps, 'Tornadoes', set a world record. With this, the Army successfully attempted the World record for 'most men on one motorcycle riding together for a distance of 1,200 meters.


A world record is nothing new for the ASC daredevils team that already has 19 national and international records to their name. Sunday's feat was their 20th world record. The daredevils rode a 500 cc Royal Enfield motorbike and one after the other; they fit themselves on the frames set to the bike.

It was not all hunky dory for the team whose first two attempts ended in failure. Undeterred, the men continued to try and create a record, which they achieved by the end of the event. In all 150 personnel of the ASC were part of the daredevil team and support staff. While the attempt was to accommodate 60 men on the bike, two could not continue with the feat.

Subedar Rampal Yadav rode the 20-year-old bike which was fit with custom-made frames to accommodate 58 men. The entire team was led by Major Bunny Sharma and the men carried off the feat with surgical precision. The ASC personnel were attempting to break their own record of 56 men on a bike which they had attempted in 2010. Clad in color-coded uniforms, the Tornadoes began their feat with a fall in and roll call.