Zimbabwe welcomes Emmerson Mnangagwa as he returns to replace Mugabe
Source :NewsBharati   Date :23-Nov-2017

Harare, November 23: Finally, as per previous expectations Zimbabwe's former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa will replace Robert Mugabe. He will be sworn in as President on Friday. The 75-year old leader left Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe fired him. Then he comes back from exile with the cheering of slogans "Our Hero, Our Hope" and "Welcome back, Our Hero."

Previously also Emmerson Mnangagwa was expected to succeed Mugabe until Grace Mugabe came in the way. During the freedom fight against British, he was along with Mugabe, who even shared a cell together with Mugabe. After getting fired he left a country as he was feeling threatened. Now until next election in 2018, he will serve as President.
After Mugabe was sacked, Grace Mugabe called Mnangagwa “coup plotter”. Avoiding the impeachment in last moment which started already in Zimbabwe parliament, the 37 years ruler of the country former President Robert Mugabe has resigned on Tuesday. The speaker of parliament read out a letter from Mugabe which said he stepped down voluntarily.

For a long time, the African country was facing political turmoil, human right violation, economic collapse. Just a day after the army commander threatened to “step in” to calm political tensions; soldiers took over Zimbabwe’s state television. Since then, the public demanded the resignation of Mugabe.