Following the footprint of Europe, Africa soon to get its first waste-to-energy plant in Ethiopia
Source :NewsBharati   Date :24-Nov-2017

Addis Ababa, November 24: Waste management and source of renewable energy – both are important issues in the context of present time. Suppose, someone is linking these two to make an amazing creation, would not it be wonderful? Yes, African Country Ethiopia is getting the Continent’s first energy from the waste project. The project located in the Capital Addis Ababa will serve the expanding population of the city as till now it has only one landfill, the Koshe dump site.

The new planned plant is almost complete when some tasks are left till now. 97 percent of the civil work of the project is currently completed. The plant, which is due to begin operating in January, will incinerate 1,400 tons of waste every day. Along with destroying roughly 80 percent of the city’s rubbish, it will provide 30 percent of city’s household electricity needs.

“The Reppie project is just one component of Ethiopia’s broader strategy to address pollution and embrace renewable energy across all sectors of the economy,” said Zerubabel Getachew, Ethiopia’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations in Nairobi. “We hope that Reppie will serve as a model for other countries in the region, and around the world,” he added.

The project is called Reppie project which resembles waste management of many European countries. It is worth the $120 million deal between the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation and Cambridge Industries. Waste incineration is popular in Europe, where nearly one-quarter of all municipal solid waste is incinerated. Like its European counterparts, the project will meet European standards on air emissions.