Perilous orange glow: Bali’s volcanic eruptions prompt “red alert”
Source :NewsBharati   Date :26-Nov-2017

Bali, November 26: For the second time in this week, Mount Agung Volcano in Bali erupted on Saturday evening and three times early Sunday. While more than 25000 evacuees are unable to return to their home, AirAsia has canceled 32 flights to and from Bali and Lombok. Around 2000 passengers were stranded at Bali airport.

The Volcano erupted in Bali on Tuesday for the first time in 54 years in September 2017. Then 140,000 people were forced to evacuate and the again were told to return as volcanic activity decreased in October. The Volcano erupted in Bali on Tuesday for the first time after September. Within a 7.5 kilometer radius of the volcano, the people have been advised to stay away from areas. The volcano last erupted in 1963 killing nearly 1,600 people.

"It is still spewing ash at the moment, but we need to monitor and be cautious over the possibility of a strong, explosive eruption," an official at the country’s volcanology and geological disaster mitigation agency said. The activity of Mount Agung has entered the magmatic eruption phase. Due to the emission of ash, a red alert has been issued.

Several people in the area highly depend on Tourism. They are worried about its economic impact. In addition to that, the volcano is Bali’s highest peak and a popular hiking destination for tourist.