Again 700 migrants rescued in Mediterranean
Source :NewsBharati   Date :04-Nov-2017

Rome, November 4: The problem of migration is becoming worldwide day by day. Though recently the number of migrants reaching Italy has fallen sharply, again 23 migrants have been found. On Friday, 700 boat migrants have been pulled to safety in the Mediterranean.

Since last three years, mass arrivals through Mediterian Sea took place. In these routes, even smuggling of women and child took place. Hence Italy did a deal with Libya to block the smuggling routes. Hence since then, the rate of arrivals fell down.

Total six rescue operations were carried out on Friday. In recent months for rescuers, this day was one of the busiest and hectic ones. On Wednesday also a mass number of refugees were rescued. 900 people were saved that day whereas 9 were found dead.

The rescued migrants were from various countries including Sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan, Libya, Bangladesh, Algeria, Egypt, Nepal, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

“The situation suddenly turned into a nightmare when one of three rubber boats [full] with men, women and young children collapsed and dozens of people fell into the sea,” said Dr. Seif Khirfan, MSF’s medical doctor on board Aquarius.