Saudi prince Mansur bin Muqrin killed in helicopter crash in the west of Abha city
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Nov-2017

JEDDAH, November 6: In a helicopter crash in the southwestern mountains of Saudi Arabia the Asir province lost its deputy governor Mansur bin Muqrin who was also the prince and also his seven other associates lost their life.


According to the local media, with regional officials, the prince was on his periodic inspection tours near the coastal projects west of Abha city, while returning the accident happened on Sunday night. Contact with the plane was lost in the vicinity of the Reda reserve while returning and also any cause for the crash has not been found, the wreckage has been found and responders were searching for survivors.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia intercepted a ballistic missile fired from conflict-torn Yemen toward one of the kingdom's major international airports on the outskirts of the capital, Riyadh. However, there was no casualty reported as Saudi Arabia’s air defense forces immediately destroyed the ballistic missile. The Yemen's Houthi rebels claimed the missile attack on Kingdom.