Suspension of our autonomy and repression is unacceptable; Elections in full freedom is acceptable: Carles Puigdemont
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Nov-2017

Madrid, November 8: The overthrown leader of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont said that he will respect the snap election result which is to be held in December. Puigdemont who fled for Belgium after his secessionist administration was fired and the parliament of Catalan was dissolved. The elections are on December 21.


In an event organized in Brussels, Puigdemont Catalonia lived under Spanish repression, under dictatorships. Our representatives have been prosecuted, forced into exile and executed. He urged the Spanish government and the European Union to respect the Catalan people's choice during the snap election.

Puigdemont in his first speech of first official rally after a Brussels court ruled on Monday said that we want to govern ourselves, we want to progress, which is now only possible by governing ourselves. Fascism is alive in Spain. The Spanish government knows no shame. In its demonstrations, fascist elements now act impune. He further added that the suspension of our autonomy and repression is unacceptable. Elections, yes, but without political prisoners, in full freedom! I ask Spain: will you accept the results of these elections? We will. Will you?

This is the first in the four decades, the regional election has been called on to solve the country's political crisis. For Spain's unity, European countries, the United States and Mexico have expressed support and rejected the Catalan declaration of independence.