Tit for Tat! Zakir Musa, two associates taste stones from locals in JK while looting bank in Tral
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Dec-2017

Srinagar, December 6: Tit for Tat! Earlier locals in Jammu and Kashmir used to pelt stones on security forces under the influence of separatists and terrorists but now the scenario is changed. Lots of applause for the brave locals of Jammu and Kashmir who foiled the bank loot as they heavily pelted stones on terrorists.


The trend of stone pelting is reversed now and for this security forces, local administration and government should be credible. Finally, some locals of Jammu and Kashmir who were influenced by separatists and these terrorists are coming into the mainstream as they now realized that terrorism is ruining their future.

Notably, locals of Jammu and Kashmir successfully foiled the loot in a bank which is situated in Noorpora area of Tral district on Monday. At least three terrorists including Zakir Musa, along with two associates were trying to loot a bank in Noorpora area of Tral district in Jammu and Kashmir but were unsuccessful as the locals heavily pelted stones due to which they had to escape from the spot.

As soon as, the wanted terrorist Zakir Musa, along with two associates, entered the bank with the objective of looting public’s money locals immediately raised their voice and started pelting stones heavily. Looking upon their failure, terrorists opened fire in the air and escaped from the spot.

The Inspector General Police of Jammu and Kashmir Munir Khan said, “Terrorists entered the J&K bank branch in Tral's Noorpora & they obviously wanted to loot public money. Compliments to the local residents as they resisted very bravely. People made the terrorists retreat.”

“There was anti-terrorist reaction from locals who not only raised hue and cry but also pelted stones upon them. In retaliation to the pelting, terrorists fired gunshots and escaped from the spot,” IGP Munir Khan added.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir police said that as per the initial investigation and CCTV footage Zakir Musa and two of his associates were involved in looting Rs. 97 thousand of public money. However, FIR is lodged and the investigation is underway.

On the other side, the Indian security forces have led a massive war against terrorism and terrorists in the inner parts of Jammu-Kashmir and forward areas. Therefore, Anti-Terrorism operation is continued with such a speed that 200 terrorists are eliminated by Indian troops in a time period of only 11 months.