India helps train Vietnam UN peacekeeping force
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Dec-2017

Hanoi, December 6: Mobile training team from the Indian Army visits Vietnam to help train Vietnamese sappers for UN peacekeeping missions. The opening ceremony of the Indian UN Peace Keeping Training by Mobile Training Team (MTT) of Centre for UN Peace Keeping (CUNPK) was conducted at the Vietnamese Centre for Peace Keeping on Monday.


The training is to be conducted over two weeks by the MTT comprising of four Indian Army Officers. This is in the furtherance to the ongoing training assistance being extended to the Vietnamese Centre for Peace Keeping by the Centre for UN Peace Keeping, New Delhi (CUNPK).

The Director, Vietnamese Centre for Peace Keeping acknowledged the extensive and robust contributions by India towards UN peace keeping efforts across the globe. The Indian Defence Attaché to Vietnam brought out the growing cooperation, especially on the aspects related to UN Peace Keeping between the two countries.

The Indian Team leader apprised the audience of the complexities and challenges posed by the contemporary peace keeping mission dynamics. The need for prospective peace keepers to be well trained before deployment in the mission area is a pre requisite for effective peace keeping. Towards this end, the vast experience gained by the Indian Defence Forces would be of great assistance to the Vietnam People’s Army.

The enthusiasm of both the trainers and the trainees was evident at the opening ceremony. The two-week pre- deployment training capsule would be extremely beneficial to the Vietnam People’s Army in preparing their contingent and officers for the intended deployment.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries of both the nations.