Left derailment: In a fiery interview CPIM MP Ritabrata Banerjee tells the story of conflict, corruption within party
Source :NewsBharati   Date :14-Sep-2017

Kolkata, September 14: Communist Party of India (CPI-M) which ruled Bengal for 35 years had a dramatic loss in 2011 election against TMC. Since then the party gradually lost all its popularity in the state. Whereas it is already suffering from a split within the party, the youngest MP of Loksabha Ritrabata Banerjee in an interview with Republic’s Arnab Goswami openly explains the conspiracy, the conflict within the party. A state which already lost all trust on the party, the comments from Ritrabata would make the process faster only. The following allegation from Ritabrata will clearly indicate the major reasons of the left derailment.

Pretentious lifestyle:
Ritabrata who was one the most prominent faces of young brigade of CPIM was recently show caused by the party over the complaint of not abiding by party’s ideology, leading a luxurious lifestyle. He is a heavy use of apple and questions the party if this the basis of problems regarding him then why every MP of the party except one uses Apple products.

Generation gap with youth:

It has always been told due to CPIM’s lack of ability to address young generation caused its miserable failure. Admitting this claim, Ritabrata says there is a generation gap and a language gap that CPM has failed to address. 54% of India’s population is 25 years which never could be successfully addressed by CPIM.

Mismanagement of fund:

Even the MP within party alleged a corruption charge against the party. He tells whereas every MP has 5 crores to spend for the first time, CPI(M) does not allow MPs to take the decision freely. This is a breach of the constitution. The young leader being vocal wrote a letter against this in last year which caused all his misery in the party. “The party is supposed to look after public money. But it's a sorry state. I've flagged it in the letter.”Ritabrata said in the interview.

Leadership conflict:

Sitaram Yechuri who has not been renominated as Rajyasabha MP, Ritabrata thinks this is the result of the internal conflict which will make the party suffer more. It was pure jealousy by Karats that Yechury wasn't given another RS term, he says. Prakash Karat alley is causing the slow death of the party. 'The Karat hegemony cannot continue. It's a people's hegemony and party. WB can't be neglected,' Ritabrata told who previously said Bengal has always been neglected from Kannur alley.

Kerala political violence:

“How can the government of Kerala wash its hands off the killings? Law & Order is a state subject”: Ritabrata openly questioned party on ongoing political violence in Kerala. We all know when a number of RSS leaders got killed in Kerala, CM did nothing to prevent it.