Russia hopes to restore former format of relation with NATO
Source :NewsBharati   Date :14-Sep-2017

Moscow, September 14: Though the bitter history of Russia’s broken ties with NATO is one of the main reasons of Russia-Western conflict, Russian hopes to restore the former format of relations with NATO. The relation which was founded in 1991 after the fall of Soviet Union ended bitterly in 2014 when NATO unanimously decided to suspend co-operation with the Russian Federation.

A local media of Russia published Russian deputy defense minister’s comment on Russia-NATO relation saying that he hopes Russia will restore its relationship with NATO and will return to the wonderful form of cooperation that is the Russia-NATO Council. The Russia–NATO Council was established in 2002 for handling security issues and joint projects.

After Ukraine crisis, Russia’s relation with NATO Council significantly degraded. Russian President previously commented that NATO is means of implementing US’s foreign policy. Hence in such a scenario, this positive comment may bring a hope to international politics when Russia-Us relation is already going through an all-time low.

We wouldn't want that cooperation [between Russia and NATO] to remain prehistoric. We believe that there is history, and there is the present. But I am sure that very soon, there will also be a future," Fomin said.

About the exercise which is to be held in Belarus, NATO has become anxious. Nato has deployed extra troops, equipment, and ships in territories bordering the two countries. But assuring NATO members Fomin said the exercise is of purely defense nature.

"There are no plans for any sort of invasion into the territory of neighboring countries. The main goal of the exercise is to practice relevant strategies for the battle against terrorism and to practice the use of the armed forces for that battle," he said.