Japan PM Abe says time for talk with N Korea is over, calls for ‘action now’
Source :NewsBharati   Date :21-Sep-2017

New York, September 21: When the North Korea problem started many countries insisted for political dialogue to resolve the problem but all the attempts went futile. North Korea came up with more and more nuclear missile launches. It flew two missiles over Japan in a fortnight. Against this backdrop, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe the time for dialogue is over.

Addressing the gathering of United Nations General Assembly Japan PM said the time for dialogue is over and time to exert more pressure on North Korea. More pressure on North Korea could lead it to abandon its nuclear and missile programs. “We consistently support the stance of the United States: that ‘all options are on the table’,” Abe said supporting its ally the US.

Though Abe appreciated the unanimous adoption on 11 September of the latest and most stringent of many UN Security Council resolutions, he told more crucial is to put sanctions into effect without lapses. He emphasized on the co-operation from Russia and China, the countries which called repeatedly for a return to international diplomacy and talks with North Korea.

“But I must make an appeal to you. North Korea has already demonstrated its disregard of the resolutions by launching yet another missile. We must prevent the goods, funds, people, and technology necessary for nuclear and missile development from heading to North Korea,” he stressed.

Stressing on the importance of international solidarity he said action is the necessity. “There is not much time left. The resolution is nothing more than the beginning,” he stated.