North East Connectivity Summit 2017 kicks off; aims to build ‘Digital Connectivity’
Source :NewsBharati   Date :22-Sep-2017

Kohima, September 21: The 4th edition of the North East Connectivity Summit kicked off with the theme ‘Act East from Nagaland’ which emphasizes on building connectivity and bridging the cultural diversity between region and neighbouring countries.


North East Connectivity Summit was organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). The Summit focuses on building physical and digital connectivity, market linkages, etc in the region and discussion on the biodiversity and bridging cultural diversity between the region and its neighbouring countries.

Chairman FICCI North East Advisory Council, Ranjit Barthakur said the 4th Edition of North East Connectivity Summit aims to pose and seek answers to come critical questions on regional and cross border connectivity, identification of border locations, developing complementaries in Nagaland and rest of North East.

Describing the roads in Nagaland as ‘shocking’, Barthakur maintained some core issues will be discussed on connectivity, policy recommendations, road map for connectivity, opportunities for collaboration with neighbouring countries, while deliberations will be moderated to strategize connectivity and infrastructure development for creation of wealth in the area of social, economic and ecological enterprises.

Terming Nagaland as a ‘unique state’ with tremendous diversity and potential, Barthakur opined that the state ‘needs and cries’ for a different model unlike the models of other states in the country.

Though NE states shares international borders with huge economic political for trade and commerce, he felt that the region has not been able to capitalise on this advantage due to lack of connectivity infrastructures in terms of roadways, airways, waterways, digital connectivity etc.

North East Connectivity Summit (NECS) has helped in bringing into focus the opportunities in developing connectivity of North East and its associated strategic and economic advantages for the entire India. The summit has metamorphosed into a unique platform for strategic dialogue between various stakeholders including government of India, BBIN and South Asian countries, private sectors and others.