Russian Presidential Election: Pre-polls suggest Putin’s landslide victory
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 13-Jan-2018

Moscow, January 13: When Russians are left with only two more months for an upcoming Presidential election, pre-polls suggest Vladimir Putin will gain 81% of voters’ support. Earlier also various polls have suggested Putin’s win. In fact, there’s no strong face opposing him in the election.

While survey respondents showed 81.1% support for Putin, his opposition Communist Party’s (CPRF) candidate, Pavel Grudinin, stands distant with 7.6% support. It is significant that the rating of CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov was mere 3.3% a month ago.

Wrapping up the process of receiving documents from aspiring candidates, Russian Central Election Commission informed that 15 independent applicants are likely to run in upcoming Presidential Election. Initially, 46 candidates claimed to run in the election when the final date was announced.

"Since the beginning of the presidential campaign, the Russian Central Election Commission received 46 notifications from citizens who decided to run in Russian presidential election independently, while only fifteen such candidates submitted their applications for consideration," the Commission said.

Russia gears up for the presidential election. Current President Vladimir Putin officially registered his re-election bid in last December. To start his official campaign for 2018 Presidential election, he submitted necessary documents to the Central Election Committee (CEC).