Japan’s crime rate hits record low in 2017
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 18-Jan-2018

Tokyo, January 18: While Japan’s capital Tokyo recently has been ranked safest city in the world, overall crime rate of the country also fell hitting a record low. The number of criminal offenses recognized by police in Japan in 2017 fell by 81,009, or 8.1 pct, from the preceding year to 915,111. For third straight year, crime rate fell in Japan.

The government stepped up efforts to tackle crime by boosting police numbers and widening the use of security cameras. Crime prevention efforts have been both by the public and private sectors resulting the major decline in crime.

The annual tally fell for the 15th year in a row after peaking at some 2.85 million in 2002. The 2017 figure was down by more than two-thirds from the record-high level.

Violent crimes such as murder, robbery and sexual assault marked the lowest level in five years at 10,889 cases but social media related crimes rose significantly. Cases of online fraud were nearly four times higher in 2017 compared to figures in 2013.