Mayon Volcano of Philippines on the brink of major explosion; thousands flee
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 18-Jan-2018

Albay, January 18: The first reported volcanic activity of this year is indicating more danger in Philippines. Province of Albay was placed under a state of calamity on Tuesday, January 16 fearing hazardous eruption. The restive volcano after rambling back to life has forced more than 37,000 people to flee their homes. Lava flow in Mayon Volcano's Miisi Gully has advanced to approximately three kilometers from the summit crate.

As magma is at the crater, local volcanology agency has hoisted the third of a five-tier alert warning system. The volcano is on the brink of a major explosion. In few days or in upcoming weeks, it can show major eruption.

"The public is strongly advised to be vigilant and desist from entering the six kilometer-radius Permanent Danger Zone and the seven-km Extended Danger Zone on the southern flanks due to the danger of rockfalls, landslides and sudden explosions or dome collapse that may generate hazardous volcanic flows," warning was given by local authority.

From Philippines capital, Manila Mayon lies in a 340km southwest. Due to its perfect cone shape, tourists, as well as climbers, highly choose this spot. In 2013, an ash eruption killed five climbers due to their own irresponsibility because they went near summit despite warnings.

In last 500 years, the volcano has erupted about 50 times. The most destructive was in 1814 which killed 1,200 people and buried the town of Cagsawa in volcanic mud. The Philippines already is situated in an area where volcanic activity, earthquake is common.