Korea Unified: Two countries to march under one flag in Winter Olympics
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 18-Jan-2018

Seoul, January 18: After long discussions, the two Koreas have agreed to march under “Unified” Korea flag at the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics. On Wednesday, the two countries sat together to discuss games related issues. South Korea’s unification Minister announced this on Wednesday.The two sides also agreed to field a joint women's ice hockey team.

For working level Olympics talk, the two Koreas met at the border village of Panmunjom, the so-called peace village. The talk followed the proposal given by South Korea on 9th January’s first inter-Korean meeting. This is a monumental agreement as the two countries have been at war technically for six decades.In a decade, it will be first joint Korean March in an international event.

North Korean will send a 230-member cheering squad and a 30-member taekwondo demonstration team to the South. Even a joint cultural event will be held at Mount Kumgang on the North Korean east coast before the opening ceremony.

“Under the circumstances where inter-Korean (relations) are extremely strained, in fact just some 20 days ago we weren’t expecting North Korea would participate in the Olympics”, said Chun Hae-sung, the South’s chief negotiator and vice unification minister.“It would have a significant meaning if the South and North show reconciliation and unity, for example through a joint march”.

South Korean president Moon believes better inter-Korean tie will lead to a solution for North Korea Crisis. After taking charge, moon vowed for both sanction pressure and dialogues with North. Better to said, he wanted to use sanctions for dialogue.