CBI filed charge sheet against Hooda in National Herald case
Source :NewsBharati   Date :01-Dec-2018

Haryana, Dec 1
: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a charge sheet against former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda along with Congress leader Motilal Vora and Associated Journals Ltd (AJL) in connection with re-allotment of an industrial plot in Panchkula in Haryana.

When Hooda was Chief Minister of Haryana in 2005 he violated the rule and alotted this plot to AJL again. This plot was allotted to AJL in 1982 on some limitations of work but AJL could not complete the work. So 1996 this plot was taken back by authority.

The case was filed in a special CBI court in Panchkula.

As per the allegations, an industrial plot at Panchkula was illegally re-allotted to AJL, reportedly controlled by senior Congress leaders through Young India Limited.

What is the National Herald Case?

1938 - Nehru established National Herald to be run by AJL, Associated Journals Limited

Initially, 1000 people(investors) together owned the company.

2008- AJL is in financial Crisis with 2000cr worthy property. They shut down National Herald

Motilal Vora is the director of AJL. He is also a senior leader in Congress.

As filed in the court AJL had real estate of at least 2000 cr in Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow.

To help AJL to pay off its employees, Sonia Gandhi gives Congress Party's funds of 90cr to AJL in 2008. Young India (YI) Pvt. Ltd. is founded with 76% of shares Sonia and Rahul Gandhi were the owners. Congress party could not retain 90cr from AJL. They transfer the loan to YI for 50lakhs

YI now owns 99% of AJL which is worth 2000crs. The Gandhis (YI) pay just 50lakhs to Congress and acquire the company worth 2000crs in real estate which originally was owned by some other 1000 people.