After Modi, it's Shah attacking the Congress party in Rajasthan
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Dec-2018

Jaipur, December 5: “The Congress Party has tried to contest the elections on three of its traditional issues. Attempted to raise the issue of casteism, tried to contest elections on the basis of family issues and tried to appease the politics of appeasement”, said the BJP party president Amit Shah while addressing to the press conference in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan today.
In the series of tweets further, he said “The BJP has tried to take forward the elections on the following issues of the development of Rajasthan, the future of Rajasthan and the welfare of the poor. We feel that the public has accepted our issues by denying Congress's casteism, familyism and appeasement issues”.
In a 27 minutes long live streaming on the official twitter handle of the party, Amit Shah continued to say that the masses have already denied the policies and principle s of the opposition party and accepted the strategies of the BJP party. He further counted the number of beneficiaries of the various schemes hosted by the government in past 5 years in the state.
He highlighted the benefits granted specially to the farmers community and the women towards safety. “Congress party has proved and defined what negative politics actually means . When Congress party was in power, the then Finance Minister Manmohan Singh had given Rajasthan an amount counting to Rs. 1,02,942 crores under the 13th Finance Commission. After BJP overpowered the Centre, the amount was raised to Rs. 2,63,580 crores under the 14th Finance Commission. “, he said.
Shah answered the reporters on variety of keynotes constituting the 'Nirav Modi' case and 'Vijay Mallya' case. On the queries of demonetisation, Shah asserted that the number the of income tax payers have doubled since the decision of abandoning few currency notes. This is to be taken as an achievement instead of focusing on the black money ascpect. However, the investigations of the accused is underway.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the rally at Jaipur yesterday had also slammed the congress party saying that party has nothing to do except for the politics of division and that the opposition party needs to look into their party internal democracy.