Accident at IISc Bengaluru: 1 researcher killed
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Dec-2018



Dec 5, Bengaluru: Yesterday proved to be a tragic day for Indian Institute of Science because of a horrifying cylinder blast. While 4 aerospace engineers were working on a research, a hydrogen cylinder exploded which resulted in a massive blast at the institute. 1 researcher, identified as Manoj Kumar, had an instant death while the 3 teammates, Athulya Uday Kumar, Naresh Kumar and Karthik Shenoy are critically injured in the accident.

The explosion is noted to be the first accident happened at IISc since its establishment in 1909. Indian Institute of Science is one of India’s leading institutes in sciences and engineering. The accident happened at the shockwaves and hypersonic lab, while the team was working on creating shockwaves as part of a research project. IISc chief security officer MR Chandrasekhar said that the blast happened around 2 pm.


The investigators described the explosion as ‘strong’. “It completely damaged equipment in the laboratory”, said the officer. ACP BK Singh said, “Although we don’t know the exact cause of the blast yet, but both IISc experts and our forensics will be probing the case.” The 3 injured researchers were immediately rushed to the hospital and they are under intensive require surgery and intensive care for the burns and fractures.