Maldives Police clarifies on extremist elements in the service
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 11-Feb-2018

Male, February 11: Maldivian Police has scraped the statement of the former President of Maldives to the Indian media newspaper, stating that religious extremists who had taken part in the Syria/Iraq civil war had returned to the Maldives and are serving in the Maldives Police Service (MPS).

Maldives Police has denied all these kind of allegations. It says that the police service of Maldives works to give equal protection to the Maldivian public. Police Service also fakes the statement saying that it has no basis of truth in it and was made for the personal benefit of the former President.

Additionally, Maldives Police said the statement was given to create misconceptions and mistrust among the public for the Police of Maldives.

MPS has officially requested not to believe such kind of false rumours and also not to spread rumours.


MPS has also stated that necessary legal actions will be taken against those who get engaged or indulge themselves in these kinds of actions misleading MPS.