Chivalrous jump sets a world record: Indian Sheetal Mahajan skydives wearing Maharashtra’s Nauwari
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 13-Feb-2018

Bangkok, February 13: Breaking the glass ceiling of ‘Girls Don’t Do Such Things’ Padmashri Awardee Sheetal Mahajan set an adventurous record! Jumping from 13,000 feets wearing nice pink ‘nine-yard’ saree- our bravely adventurous Sheetal Rane Mahajan created a world record. Pune’s 35-year-old Sheetal became 1st Indian to do this way! 

On Monday, Sheetal skydived by jumping from 13,000 feets above the world-famous tourist resort Pattaya. Indian Sky Diver Sheetal Mahajan registered a new record after taking a plunge from 13,000 feet in a plane, which took place in Thailand on Marathmoli Nauwari.


Sheetal Mahajan has so far bagged 18 National and 6 World records in Sky Diving (Parajumpar) adventure sports. This time she made this record by wearing the nine-nine sari for to keep Marathi culture alive.

After clinching to the victory, Sheetal said from the Thai Sky Diving Center, "I wanted to do something different on the International Women's Day which falls on March 8, so I decided to wear 'nine-yard sari' for my skydive. This sari is about 8.25 meters long. It is more than ordinary Indian saris. '

The woman said, "Women wear many saris in the country, but it is difficult to wear and handle Maharashtra’s nine-yard sari. I wanted to prove that Indian women can wear saris not only in normal routine but also for risky adventures like skydiving. "

Shital Mahajan is the first woman in the world to register a sky-dive from the North and South Poles. She is called as ‘Queen of Sky’, ‘Flying Bird’ etc.