Attention employees of Goa! Upload your details to get new schemes
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 05-Mar-2018

Panaji, March 5: Goa is on the mode to create new schemes for the employees so to guide for this, Government of Goa proposes to prepare a database of all the employed and unemployed persons in the State of Goa.

This data will not only guide the Goa Government in formulating new schemes for the employees working in various organizations but also assist the Government in formulating effective policies and procedures to ensure the welfare of the employees in the state and have built a good work environment for the employees. In order to achieve the same, all the employers are requested to cooperate with the department by providing the data in the prescribed format.

All the establishments, factories, industries, and shops have to provide their establishment and current employees’ details by visiting the website.

And download the “Employee Data Format” and “Aadhaar Consent Format”. Fill in all the data requested in the above two formats. For “Aadhaar Consent Format” ensure each page has consented to the header and signature of each employee is taken. Fill employer information on the website and upload Employee Data Format (Excel) and Aadhaar Consent Format (Pdf) to the website and should be uploaded before March 15, 2018.

For any assistance contact number have been given 9225905914/ 0832-2437081 or your respective Labour Office