Promising to work for the welfare of people, CM B S Yeddyurappa resigns: Congress stunned
Source :NewsBharati   Date :19-May-2018

Bengaluru, May 19: In a dramatic moment at the Karnataka Vidhan Saudhan, CM B S Yeddyurappa resigned with an emotionally charged speech with a commitment to winning next election with more than 150 seats totally deceiving the Congress Party.



Coming out as a major blow to everyone present in the assembly, CM B S Yeddyurappa tabled his resignation before the resumption of the floor test. In an emotional speech before his resignation, Mr Yeddyurappa said it was his dream to be Chief Minister at a time PM Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. The people have given a mandate of 104 seats, people have given their blessings unlike that to the opposition parties Congress and JD (S).

Highlighting the support and trust bestowed on the BJP by the people, BS Yeddyurappa promised to win the 2019 elections and work for the welfare of the people. Traveling length and breadth of Karnataka in the last one and a half years, BS Yeddyurappa wholeheartedly thanked the people for the love and affection given to him and the party.

Scornfully remarking the opposition party, B S Yeddyurappa said that those who were swearing on the names of each other's fathers and calling each other names before polls, have now come together to form this unholy alliance. He further added that the people have given him respect and he oaths to work for the people as he has been doing since coming in politics.

Promising to work for the welfare of the farmers and reduce their agony of 5 years Yeddyurappa with a heavy heart bid adieu to the post of Chief Minister of Karnataka. Working for the welfare of the farmers have always been the top priority and pledged to work for the welfare of the people in the state. He also pledged to work for their rights and fulfill the needs of the people. Be it in the position of being a Chief Minister or in the opposition, BS Yeddyurappa vows to work for the welfare and betterment of the people especially the farmer and the downtrodden people.

Citing the resignation from CM B S Yeddyurappa, Congress leader Siddaramaiah said that this is a historic incident in Karnataka politics. Yeddyurappa agreed to do floor test in the Vidhana Soudha but was then disinclined to do floor test. This is a win for democracy. The verdict given by the people in an election must be accepted by every Democratic Party. 

Sighting the views of Yeddyurappa leaving the office, the Congress party gave in a juvenile sign making way for the CM. However, the gesture shown by the Congress party was not acceptable and gesture seemed really disappointing.

After B S Yeddyurappa proposed his resignation, the assembly was adjourned. Yeddyurappa required the 111 halfway mark to win the motion or one more than the half of the members present at the time of the floor test was conducted in the House with an effective strength of 221.