War of Tongue: Congress splashes allegations on #4SaalModiSarkar and receives a stunning reciprocation from BJP
Source :NewsBharati   Date :23-May-2018

New Delhi, May 23: Politics is something in which unless and until you don’t criticize the oppositions; it will consider that you are not on the right path of politics. Similarly today there was a ‘War of Tongue’ between Bharatiya Janata Party National Spokesperson Sambit Patra and Indian National Congress General Secretary AICC, Ashok Gehlot.

Congress conducted a press conference in which they have splashed allegations on BJP and has considered that Modi Government’s four years have been proved to be a waste to the nation.


Ashok Gehlot said, “There is a sense of fear and mistrust among people today. Their trust has been broken. Fuel prices are sky-rocketing. This is a loot. The Modi government doesn’t even care about it.”

“They forget that when we become CM, we are a public trustee. We have no right to blow the money of the public. The way in which this government blows up money. From official money partying every year the Congress had never cast a tradition” Gehlot added.

He also said that Congress party will be holding #VishwasghatDiwas- a nationwide protest in all districts on the day of completion of 4yrs of Modi Sarkar on 26th May. All sections of society feel BJP govt has betrayed their trust n completely feel backstabbed.”

For this INC has released poster for Vishwasghat Diwas.

In reciprocation, BJP gave a stunning answer to INC saying “They (Congress) will celebrate betrayed day who have looted the nation from 2004 2014 with nearly 12-14 Lakh crore. After independence, in 18,000 villages where electricity was not reached, 50% of people did not have accounts in the bank and now they (Congress) will celebrate betrayed Day.”


Sambit Patra also added that Rahul Gandhi has only one agenda that whatever happens wrong in the whole world RSS will be responsible for that.

“It is true that Rahul Gandhi has got the Congress chairmanship inherit, but wisdom, comprehension and understanding cannot be acquired inherit” Patra added.

“Mr Rahul Gandhi we will gift you sixth class Civics book. Learn some basics of federal structure and constitution from it. We have seen as to how Mr. Rahul Gandhi is the cause of the loss of the Congress party. State after state Congress party is losing elections” said Patra.