Kumaraswamy betrays Karnataka, says, "I am at mercy of Congress, without their permission I can't do anything"
Source :NewsBharati   Date :28-May-2018
Bengaluru, May 28: Insulting the peoples mandate in Karnataka, the janata dal Secular came to power with a pitiable numbers and crutches of the Congress party. But now while both the parties are fighting over portfolios continues to delay cabinet formation, Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy has shown his real compromised face and how he is 'indebted' and reeling under the pressure of the Congress party when he said : "I am at mercy of Congress, without their permission I can't do anything."
HD Kumaraswamy issued a statement saying that he is at the mercy of Congress. He also said that as the CM, he is responsible for the state’s development but ‘that is a different matter’. To do anything, he has to take Congress leaders’ permission without which he can’t do anything since they have offered support to him. I am at mercy of Congress. I am responsible for development of state,that is different. I have to do my job as CM, I have to take permission from Congress leaders, without their permission I can't do anything, they have given me support: Karnataka CM on his earlier statement.
Media reports also quote him appealing to the farmers in the state to give him one week time. He reportedly added that in case he fails to waive off farmer loans he will resign as CM voluntarily. By stating ‘being indebted to Congress’ he was only referring to being in a coalition government and his inability to take decisions without consulting the Congress.