Exuding poise over its hollow promises, Sonia Gandhi expresses confidence of winning Karnataka Elections
Source :NewsBharati   Date :09-May-2018

Vijayapura, May 9: In an ardent tug of war between political giants, Congress is leaving no single chance to regain the lost trust of people. In a hard-hitting campaign carried out by Congress’ former President Sonia Gandhi exuded confidence that victory of Karnataka Elections will be on their side. She said that Siddaramaiah would be re-elected. 

Addressing the campaign, Sonia Gandhi cross-questioned the Bhartiya Janata Party and PM Modi. Launching an attack over PM Modi she said CM Siddaramaiah had reached out to PM Modi to ask for help for Karnataka's farmers, but PM Modi refused to even meet him, and thus, insulted the people of Karnataka.


Praising efforts taken by Congress, she said “we helped Karnataka emerge as India's No 1 state and initiated various welfare schemes like Anna Bhagya, Ksheera Bhagya, Krishi Yantra Dhare for people. The Siddaramaiah Govt has ensured food for all,” said Sonia Gandhi, adding that “It is disappointing to note that Congress’ opponents are mocking the schemes initiated for the welfare of the poor.”

In a hard-hitting campaign speech at Vijayapura, Karnataka Sonia Gandhi tore into BJP and PM Modi and said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah would win re-election on the strength of the many welfare schemes he had brought for the people.

“PM Modi is proud of his oratory skills. If his oratory can fill hungry stomachs, he must speak more often. But PM Modi's oratory skills alone can't fill hungry stomachs, employ the unemployed, cure those suffering from diseases or empower women.”

Further Sonia Gandhi also said that “The country is shocked at PM Modi's wrongful statements and at his attempts at using the legacy of our freedom fighters for political gains.”

She flayed BJP on corruption issue, saying “What happened to PM Modi's promise of non-corruption? Where's Lok Pal? What is your model of anti-corruption, PM Modi—the model adopted by your candidates in Karnataka, or by the son of your closest aide?”

While Karnataka is boiling ahead of Assembly Elections, BJP and Congress are leaving no stone unturned to conquer the state by making promises and scathing attacks on each other.