US-China trade talks: One step ahead with “ Extensive, deep and detailed” negotiations
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Jan-2019

Beijing, Jan 10: The American Delegation arrived at Beijing on Monday have detailed negotiations with Chinese counterparts yesterday. After this discussions, China said, talks with US “Laid foundation” to resolve a destructive trade clash between world’s two biggest economies. 
Chinese commerce ministry stated that the negotiations in this week were “Extensive, deep and detailed”.
The US emphasized China’s pledge to purchase more agricultural and other products. A statement from the US Trade Representative said the talks "focused on China's pledge to purchase a substantial amount of agricultural, energy, manufactured and other products and services from the United States". but in this regards, US refused to give any more details.
Neither side has said anything about future meetings and future plans in this regards.
Donald Trump after this meeting tweeted that, “Talks with China are going very well.”
The negotiations are ongoing from the first meeting of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed to stop imposing of new tariffs at G20 summit in December. The truce came into existence when both sides forced several rounds of tariffs in 2018.
China is currently America’s largest good trading partner with USD 645.4 Billion in total in 2017. Goods exports equaled USD 129.9 billion; goods import totaled USD 505.5 billion.