CBI is an autonomous and credible, don’t look this matter in a political view: Arun Jaitley
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Jan-2019

New Delhi, Jan 8:
“Central Vigilance Commission had exercised its power under that power of superintendence. We have not yet read the judgement of the Supreme Court but it could have been a possible view which the court has taken. If superintendence results in the chief relinquish his power even temporarily then the jurisdiction of the committee comes into the blame.” Said, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He was addressing press members in New Delhi today after Supreme Court’s decision on reinstating of CBI Director Alok Kumar Verma.

With respect to the Supreme Court Finance minister said that its possible view the court has taken therefore the court has referred the matter to that committee to decide on this issue within one week. The government is directed to convene a meeting as per the reports so far available.

While explaining about CBI, as an autonomous institution Jaitley said, the court apparently has strengthened the immunity given to the CBI director in the larger interest of fair and impartial functioning of the CBI.

Court devised accountability mechanism this in accordance with the norms of fair play, the government would act in the same manner in accordance with the court.

The Supreme Court today set aside Centre's October 23 order divesting CBI chief Alok Verma of his powers, but restrained him from taking any major policy decision till the CVC probe into corruption charges against him is over.

What is CVC?

The CVC is not an investigating agency. The only investigation carried out by the CVC is that of examining Civil Works of the Government which is done.

Corruption investigations against government officials can proceed only after the government permits them. The CVC publishes a list of cases where permissions are pending, some of which may be more than a year old.

The Central Vigilance Commissioner and the Vigilance Commissioners shall be appointed by the President on a recommendation of a Committee consisting of the Prime Minister (Chairperson), the Minister of Home Affairs (Member) and the Leader of the Opposition in the House of the People.