Giving viewers a sneak peek, Piyush Goyal shares the futuristic plan of transforming Tirupati Station
Source :NewsBharati   Date :09-Jan-2019

New Delhi, January 9: With the introduction of pilgrimage trains by the Indian Railways, the devotees travelling experience has escalated and become quite feasible. Adding another feather to these pilgrim trains, Union Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal unveiled the futuristic plans on transforming the Tirupati station serving as a benchmark for other stations across the country.


Sharing an intricately detailed "futuristic" plan for Tirupati Station, Indian Railways is all set to tick mark another successful story by making travelling easier for the devotees. Chipping in details of the plans, Union Minister Piyush Goyal through his twitter shared the visual plan of almost 2 minutes highlighting the drop-off area, a block for a hotel, a proposed plan for a multiplex, a spacious railway station plaza and a spacious waiting arena which includes lobby and various food stalls, along with a departure concourse and the railway platform.

While sharing the plan Piyush Goyal depicted it saying, "Travel will soon become easier for devotees seeking Lord Balaji's blessings in Tirupati."

Announcing the efforts taken by Indian Railways in improving the quality of train journeys for the passengers, the railways have put forward an expert committee to look into matters causing discomfort to passengers due to jerks in Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) Coach Trains like Rajdhani Express Trains.

An action plan was also formulated to give attention on longitudinal jerks in Centre Buffer Couple (CBC). The committee has also advised to replace the single pack of draft gear and floating plate draft gears CBC with balanced draft gear CBCs. The Coaching Depot of Bhubaneswar has replaced the earlier old-age single plate or floating plate design by a balanced draft gear with 'High Tensile Tight Lock Centre Buffer Coupler' in all the Rajdhani Express Coaches to provide a jerk-free journey to the passengers.

Along with that, to tackle the water problems, Indian Railway is planning to develop their system that will shorten the water filling time at stations from 20 minutes to only 5 minutes.

The system is scheduled to be introduced in March 2019 at 142 stations across the country which has the water filling systems for trains. 300 crore rupees have been sanctioned for this initiative by the Indian Railway.