Ram Setu, not a myth; it's man made: claims Science Channel show

NewsBharati    13-Dec-2017
Rameshwar, December 13: While in history, the most revered places like Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi Vishwanath are attacked and grabbed by the attacker invaders who later became rulers, in recent past, the Sonia Gandhi led UPA government tried to demolish the 'Ram Setu' to hurt Hindu sentiments. Hindus had no voice left when it come to prove the existence of idic culture, history and beliefs. But Science and new technologies are emerging as a great assistance to prove the facts. The very existence of the historical engineering marvel of 5076 BCE 'Ram Setu' between India and Sri Lanka was talked and believed from ages has been proved by a TV show #WhatonEarth on the Science Channel in the US that such a manmade structure may actually exist rapping the claims of mythology.

A promo released by the channel suggests that the bridge - also called Adam's Bridge - may not be a natural formation and may have been built by humans. "Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are," says text accompanying the promo.
Citing images from a Nasa satellite, the show claims that investigators have found a line of rocks 30 miles long between Sri Lanka and India.
The stones in the image are sitting on a 'sandbar', which occurs in areas with shallow water. As geologist Erin Argyilan explains, sand could accumulate between the land masses.
An analysis of the rocks found on the seabed shows that they predate the sand, Rose adds.
Specifically, the 7,000-year-old rocks are sitting on sand that is 4,000-years-old.
In fact, geologist Dr Alan Lester believes that the stones were brought from afar and set atop the sandbar island chain.
India's historical places like mythological river Saraswati, Shree Krishna's underwater city of Dwarka,35 sites in northern India of Mahabharata era and much more are questioned by the Leftist Historians as myths. The Nehruvian mindset presided over the education and archaeology sectors never brought the monuments before Christianity and Islam to the forefront. The conspiracy to demolish Ram Setu by Sonia Gandhi, whose evangelical tilt is visible, got a rebuttal from BJP Leader Dr Subramanian Swamy. And now the Scientific proofs are coming to defeat the demonish mindset of anti-Hindu parties and their not so Indian leaders.
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