When meditating, You change world with your vibes

NewsBharati    09-May-2018

Mumbai, May 9: Our mind has the tendency to get distracted easily and over think. Meditation reduces all these thoughts & helps improve focus says Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar on the upcoming occasion of World Meditation Day on May 13.

He further said, “When you are sitting with your eyes closed and meditating, you are not doing anything, yet the vibration that you are generating from within is changing the world.”

He also said, “Meditation is a potent tool to discovering new dimensions within you. It’s an art that lets you unplug from the chatter of the world outside and plug into your core. A few minutes spent meditating not only brings relief to your body but also calm and soothe your mind, thus transforming you inside out. And only a transformed individual can help transform the entire society.”

The best example of transformation is that the meditation techniques developed by Sri Sri Ravishankar have helped 700,000 prisoners to overcome feelings of guilt and anger, given them a sense of peace and hope for the future.

He has appealed to all to join and experience the power of meditation on May 13.

Here are the simple mediation tips one can follow:

1. Choose a calm and quiet room or place.

2. Keep the space clean.

3. Keep the space well ventilated.

4. Bring plants into your space.

5. Choose comfortable mats or cushions.

6. Keep your mobile phone and electric gadgets away.

7. Keep Yoga mat handy for some warm-ups