Is controversy's favorite boy Rahul Gandhi playing it safe? Appeals Child Right Commission for 10 days’ time-span to respond show cause notice

NewsBharati    05-Jul-2018

Mumbai, July 5: Controversy’s favorite boy Congress President Rahul Gandhi seems enjoying the court troubles and has developed a tendency of “Ulta chor kotwal ko daate”. After the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MSCPCR) sent a show cause notice to Congress president, Rahul Gandhi in his reply has asked the Child Rights Commission for 10 days to reply and make the notice available in English.

The Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights had issued a show cause notice dated 19th July 2018. Replying to the notice, Rahul Gandhi in a written letter asked Pravin Ghuge, Chairperson of MSCPCR that he requires 10 days to reply as the letter is written in Marathi.

While his mocks and barefaced lies have dragged him in many controversies, the man has still not learned from his mistakes though. Leaving aside the misconduct prevailed by him and apologizing for the same the minister addressing to the letter, said that the letter was received by him on 22nd June, 6 pm in the evening and the Commission had leaked the notice on social media on 19th June 2018.

Stating it as highly regrettable by the Commission office, the Congress President requested the officer to look into the matter and look forward that no such leaks take place. Furthermore, adhering to natural justice, Rahul Gandhi has also requested the Commission chairperson for a certified translation of the aforesaid complaint in order to cooperate fully. 

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi has always entangled him in some or the other controversy and also has been a laughing stock for his speeches. Showing zero remorse and acting unsympathetically and on purposeful act disclosed the identity of three Dalit boys who were stripped, beaten and paraded nude in Jalgaon district, in Maharashtra. Stating the same on the tweet, the Congress President violated child rights in the context of the law.

Taking a serious understanding of this incident, Amol Jadhav, filed a complaint with MSCPCR on June 19, requesting action against Gandhi under section 74 of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act and section 23 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. Both sections of the above laws prohibit disclosing the identity of child victims. Violations may attract minimum six months' imprisonment and fine.

Rahul Gandhi has been convicted for violating two articles: (1) * Juvenile Justice Act, Act "Article 74"; According to the article, it is said that no one is allowed to announce or reveal any child photo, video, or not added his name to their identity *. Rahul Gandhi had breached the Act by making the videos of children viral on Twitter.

In another breach of the Act, * "Child Sexual Act" (Posco) According to this act a case being filed on the convict for violating the Act under "Article 23" stating to disclose the crime by broadcasting any video or photo.* In this case, Rahul Gandhi is answerable and has to explain any violation of the law to the notice issued by the Commission for Protection of Child Rights Maharashtra.