Maharashtra welcomes the first time voters with a smashing number of 28 lakhs

NewsBharati    25-Jan-2019
Mumbai, January 25: With just four months to the Lok Sabha elections and the state hosting 48 MPs, Maharashtra has rushed to increase the number of first time voters. According to the data of the Election Commission, 28, 53, 241 new voters have registered their name, being new voters abiding the campaign for voter registration.

Citing the occasion of the National Voters Day, and at the backset of the 17th Lok Sabha elections, the campaign of voter registration in the state has been completed. It is in the 35 districts of the state that 28 lakh new voters have urged to constitute their name in the voting list.
Meanwhile, it is observed that the number of female registrations is more as compared to that of male. Women voters count 18, 34, 000, being more than men measuring 17, 53, 000. Also this time, 203 transgenders have been enrolled in the list. In this relation it appears that Nanded, Aurangabad, Pune, Thane, Kolhapur and Sangli districts have registered more such candidates in the polling list.
Whereas the cities of Pune, Mumbai and Thane have peaked the ranking to introduce increased number of voters. Mumbai registered 2, 85, 000 voters, Thane 2, 99, 000 and Pune has introduced 2, 02, 000 first time voters. Besides cities of Aurangabad, Nashik, Jalgaon, Nanded, Yavatmal, Solapur, Nagpur, Amravati, Kolhapur have instigated young voters in the list.
With such raising number of voters, the state has also decided to raise the polling stations over the region. In the last parliamentary elections, there were 95 thousand polling stations which will be now raised to 1, 3, 000. Meanwhile there are 2, 24, 000 thousand specially abled voters registered in Maharashtra who will be provided with various facilities at the polling station.