My name is Tanveer, I am Police Officer: Commie Protestor gets a dose of Secularism

News Bharati    20-Dec-2019
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While the unwarranted provoked violent protests are being conspired all over the nation, Leftists and Urban Maoists see it as an opportunity to spread venom into the society. From Sitaram Yetury to Ramchandra Guha, all are on the streets to snatch the golden opportunity of CAA protests by the radicals.

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While Section 144 remains imposed in Bengaluru till today due to protests over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has informed. He added that the cases are increasing and registered against Congress MLA Rizwan Arshad and Leftist activist Ramachandra Guha.
Misguiding people and dragging students into agitations is an old habit of Commies. A video published by a local media in Karnataka shows a vigilant and alert Police Officer.
The video shows an elder lady, Probably a Teacher, rushing on her way to her protest destination with her innocent students to be used as a protestor mob, is showing her place by a police officer.
The Police officer sternly warns the Commie Professor telling- "You cannot use students for your protests, please walk away". He says, "My name is Tanveer Ahmad, I am ( Karnataka ) Police Officer".
The Police Officer exposes the Commie Lady by showing her a mirror of her agenda. Ahmed tells her: You should abide by the law. You are instigating students so that they have to face the music... Please, go Madam...You are using the students... you are harming their careers. Please walk away!
Later in the video, we can see 5-6 youngsters being detained by the police.
It is quite possible that the Commie lady must have tried to preach some secularism to the Senior Officer of the Bengaluru Police. But the Constitution bound on-duty police office refused her advice and instead gave her that dose of Secular ethos telling her his name and his duty towards the nation. A remarkable gesture by the Bengaluru Police.