Phoenix from ashes! Rescued from Pakistan, Uzma comes forward to help women facing similar situations

NewsBharati    12-Apr-2019

New Delhi, Apr 12: Indian High Commissions in different countries are working earnestly for the betterment of Indian people who are living in the countries. The case of Uzma Ahmed is one of the cases which were successfully achieved by Indian high commissions. Uzma, girl rescued from Pakistan, now working for the girls who are trapped in similar situations like her.

In 2017, Uzma Ahmed who rescued from Pakistan with the help of Indian High Commission made headlines. Uzma falls in love with Pakistani National in 2017 in Malaysia. After she moved to Pakistan with her partner, the actual realities of the situation shattered all the sweet dreams of Uzma. She was kept hostage by her partner in the remote place in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region.

Uzma fights for two years, and finally, she was safely rescued by the Indian High Commission and returned to India safely.

Now, after the struggle and hardships, she came forward to help the women who are suffering in a similar situation. According to her, the painful experiences in Pakistan actually inspired her for this initiative.

On this initiative, Uzma said, “I am planning to start a helpline number and NGO with name, “Daughter of India”. This NGO will help women, who have been kept hostages in Pakistan”.

She expressed, I want to give a message to those women who have bitter experiences. They must “flush out old memories and start a new chapter of their lives”.

While speaking, Uzma recalled her experience, she said, “It took me two years to overcome the trauma and flush out bitter memories. When I come back to India, the people were not ready to accept me”.

Especially thanking Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, Uzma said, “She is like my mother. She gave me a second life”.

Soon, the biopic will also be made on Uzma’s life and struggle in Pakistan.