Fond adieu to Canada! North Pole is shifting to Russia

News Bharati    18-Apr-2019

New Delhi, Apr 18: We are living in a constantly changing world, some changes are good, some changes can bring natural disaster. Now for the first time since it was discovered on the North American mainland, the magnetic North Pole is moving towards the Siberian territory.

This movement came in light when Geophysicists tracked down the movement of Earth’s magnetic field, which clearly show that the pole is shifting ‘extraordinarily fast’, running across the Arctic Archipelago so smoothly that earlier this year, its speed forced scientists to re-examine and recalculate magnetic models earlier than they had planned.


The Magnetic North Pole is on the top of the planet where Earth’s magnetic fields meet and drive straight into the core. The core is responsible for continually creating the magnetic field as it shelters heats stored on the planet since its birth. Maritime and airplane navigation, defense systems and our smartphones are totally dependent on these accurate magnetic readings.

For many years, scientists are tracking the movement of the magnetic field, but it always remained in the Canadian territory in spite of rapid changes. But now, the trajectory with the Siberian region is unstoppable. Yet, we can not decide on how much time, North pole will reach to Russia.

For centuries, the magnetic North Pole has been a key geographic prize. Finding it was a central goal of the so-called magnetic crusade that obsessed scientists and navigators in the 18th and 19th centuries as they raced to understand the mysterious, invisible force that moves the compass.

This movement of the North pole attracts our attention to more important issues, the rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is actually destabilizing our climate. Siberia has the crown of the coldest spot of the northen hemisphere, but it is also warming up fast, so who knows what will happen next if we cannot limit our footprints in climate.