Age is just a ‘number’! Meet Ranveer Singh Sandhu, Indian-origin Britain’s youngest accountant

News Bharati    24-Apr-2019

London, Apr 24: Indian minds are one of the brightest minds in the world. Indian in India or abroad always appreciated for their hard work, skills, and determination. Now, 15-year-old Indian origin boy has been acclaimed as Britain's youngest accountant after running up a successful accountancy firm while he is still studying in School.


Ranveer Singh Sandhu named as Britain's youngest Accountant. After he set up his 1st business when he was just 12 years old, now based in South London, has set himself an aim of becoming a millionaire by the time he will turn 25.

After acclimation, Ranveer Singh said, “Young Entrepreneur aged 15 living my best life and trying to make money”.

The school going boy, Ranveer knew from a very early age that he wanted to be an accountant and financial adviser to help fellow young entrepreneurs set up their dream business.

Sandhu, who has also produced his own software to keep track of his clients’ accounts, was the winner of the Tech Business of the Year prize at the Ultra Education Kids Business Awards a few years ago. He attributes his entrepreneurial zeal to his Indian-origin family's interest in the field of finance but says his real passion is to help other young entrepreneurs.

Ranveer said, “It isn't that hard juggling school and my business, I haven't had that much stress, My plan for the future is to become a millionaire and expand my business”.

The teenager accomplished an online accounting course to attain a requisite Level 3 CPD Basic Accounting certificate when he was 12 and went on to set up his business Digital Accounts in June 2016. Two years later, he started a 2nd company which is still under development.

"My parents have always helped me from the beginning. My ambition is to make quite a lot of money out of it, expand my business and make it international while helping young people start their businesses at the same time," said Sandhu.

His plans for the money already saved up from his work is to plan a holiday soon and eventually buy a new car once he gets his driving license. Over the years, he plans to invest in property to build up an empire.