TMC violence in vain! Magnificent road show by Amit shah leaves no doubts on BJP victory in Bengal

News Bharati    15-May-2019

Kolkata, May 15: It was such a magnificent rally that nobody would have ever experienced! In the shower of orange flowers, Roars of ‘Jay Shri Raam’ and incredibly huge Bengali Crowd, BJP National President Amit Shah successfully held nearly two-our long road show in Kolkata as a part of the BJP campaign for the final phase of Lok Sabha Election 2019.


Some unscrupulous TMC supporters tried to spoil the event by showing black flag to Amit Shah which caused violence on the road. There happened some violent activities like setting two-wheelers on fire, damaging the statue of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and throwing bottles and shoes on on-another. However, the violent situation very soon got dissolved in the spirit and enthusiasm of the BJP supporters and the road show continued.

The crowd was so flooded that there was actually no place to put a leg on the entire eight kilometers long path. BJP National Leader Amit Shah was standing in a vehicle throughout the rally cheering up the spirit of the crowd. The road show was looking as if it’s an ‘after victory’ rally. The sight of the road show has left no doubt about BJP’s victory in Bengal.

“I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of your love and support during the road show in Kolkata” said Amit Shah in a twit.


“I congratulate all BJP supporters who didn’t deviate by the violent acts and stood stuck in the road show for nearly one and a half hour. I hate the TMC backed acts of violence and appeal the people of Bengal to peacefully participate in voting. Let’s eradicate the tradition of violence from Bengal by removing TMC from Bengal,’’ said Amit Shah in response to the violence occurred in the road show.


He also appealed the Election Commission to immediately look into the matter and quickly order to arrest all those who are involved in breaking out of violence in election campaigns.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested more than 100 people in connection with the incidence and the West Bengal Government has ordered a high level enquiry over the violence.