‘Techno-Savvy’ Indians are way ahead in adoption of technology than the world!

News Bharati    27-May-2019

New Delhi, May 27: Adoption of technology is one of the most discussed topics today due to increasing usage of Al and other. India is one of the top leading countries who are adopting technology in the workplace. Now, again marked her position as a leader in technology adoption, new research put India ahead globally in technological adoption in workplaces. 

The study also showed that Consumers in Mexico (85%), Brazil (84%) and India (83%) reported the highest levels of automation in the workplace.

The research was done by the large-scale study of more than 36,000 consumers in 18 countries by Verint system Inc. “The Customer Engagement Company” reveals that India is way ahead of the world in technology adoption in workplaces.

The report reveals that more than 70% of consumers stated, there has been an increased use of automation technology- such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robots in their workplaces.


Here are some interesting facts about techno-savvy India-

  • 76% of Indians say that they are willing to try new technologies and ways of working in order to be more efficient or productive.
  • The survey also found that 72% of Indian workers are willing to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to replace or augment manual labor.
  • India is comfortably ahead of workers in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong which are the other Asia-Pacific countries included in the study.
  • India has also bettered Singapore in terms of daily tasks that have been automated (71% vs 54%) and 75% of Indians are expecting that work and processes will continue to be automated.
  • Nearly 7 out of 10 (69%) U.S. consumers said processes are being automated by technology, while those in Sweden and Japan (both at 55%), and Germany, Denmark and the UK (all at 61%) reported the lowest levels of automation.


Verint's study was aimed at looking at consumer customer experience, demands, and concerns in the digital age and how technology impacts this. The changing landscape across workplaces is at the center of the study as the report captures the numerous ways technology is transforming the marketplace.

The study concluded that "technology is fundamentally changing the way customers interact with brands and the way people work. Our advice is to be ready to adapt or be prepared to be left behind."