Computer Baba's Hatha Yoga Algorithm breaks down; District collector orders inquiry for a three day camp

News Bharati    09-May-2019
New Delhi, May 9: Following the Hatha Yoga and a three day rally at Bhopal by Computer Baba, extending his support to the Congress leader Digvijay Singh, District Collector Bhopal has ordered an inquiry to investigate if permission was given for three-day camp being held with other saints, over cost of the event and the role of Congress leader.

Hundreds of sadhus on Tuesday reached Madhya Pradesh seeking votes for the Congress Lok Sabha candidate and campaign against BJP nominee Pragya Singh Thakur.
Undertaking Hatha Yoga, followed by a road-show, the Congress party, supported by the self styled god-man Namdev Tyagi, the Congress flagrantly alleged the ruling reigns saying that BJP failed to construct Ram Temple in past 5 years. So, when there was no Ram Mandir, there was no place for Modi.
Asked if the ritual was to pray for Singh’s victory, he said, “The saints prayed to God that the person who is treading on the path of religion, the one who served the river Narmada and saints is Digvijaya Singh, and should win by lakhs of votes”.
Many of the sadhus participating in the rituals have no clue for why they are there. Bhopal will vote in the sixth phase of the parliamentary elections on May 12. The votes will be counted May 23.