Could deserts become next farms? Yes, will be tagged as 'green desert' soon

News Bharati    13-Jul-2019

Mumbai, July 13: It sounds an ambitious plan, to turn the barren desert into fertile farming land to cultivate and feed the world. However, it is not so ambitious, with a number of countries not only attempting to achieve such miracles but nailing it in the process.


Desert farming is the process of “green” deserts and transforms the barren areas that consume most of the landscape into productive farms and fields.

With water being the easiest way to make a desert bloom, desert farming generally relies on irrigation. Techniques such as drip irrigation is one way to reduce the overall water demand, while the choice of what crops to grow can also impact on the success of desert farming.

For desert farming to be a sustainable agriculture option, the industry must remain profitable to exist. Regions such as Africa and the Middle East have already established desert agriculture and desert agroforestry as their mainstream agricultural technique.


By incorporating the two agricultural techniques; desert agriculture as the farming of crops well-suited for arid conditions, such as sorghum and desert agroforestry in the growing of crops with the environmental support of trees in desert or arid areas, countries can enjoy an increase in food and profitability.

The technique is such….

A company named ‘desert control’ has this invention which is a new way of mixing clay and water so when it is distributed to the soil, it envelopes each sand grain perfectly and spreads the clay perfectly in the sand - in one go. Thus, when LNC is applied the sand turns into a sponge-like fabric that retains moisture/water and thereby holds the nutrients in the soil much better. Consequently, you need less water for irrigation, and the crop gets more nutrients and grows better yield. The Mychorrizal Fungi - vital for any plant - thrives and grows in LNC treated sand.