Look who’s talking! Bizarre and uncanny, Imran Khan claim Pakistan media has more freedom to report

News Bharati    24-Jul-2019

Washington, July 24: In what may be called as a bizarre and uncanny comment, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that the media in his country has more freedom than that in Britain since he has assumed office, going by what they are allowed to report. Just a gentle reminder, Imran Khan, Pakistan media reported false news during the Balakot attack, besides Pakistan also kept media away when the Rawalpindi military hospital had blast where apparently UN designated Masood Azhar was admitted.


Speaking at an event during his visit to the United States, a report asserted Imran Khan saying, “I have spent about 18 summers of my life in England. I have seen the British media, they are very open and free. But the Pakistan media, in my opinion, is freer than the British media.”

Khan said that his government was not trying to censor the media but merely trying to bring it under control by strengthening media watchdogs in the country. A recent report by the Commission for Protection of Journalists (CPJ) stated that the situation of the press and media in Pakistan is now more than alarming and manifests itself in increasingly insidious and more difficult ways to fight.

At the US Institute of Peace, Imran Khan said, “I remember when media started reporting wrongly that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) had said the (Pakistani) rupee would fall to some number they reported, there was a run on the rupee as a result of it. I mean who would do that. First, you are trying to fighting the biggest economic crisis in your history, and second you have media coming up with false news.”

The Pakistan Prime Minister further claimed that his government would go down as the most inclusive in his country's history. He said that time will prove that his government will be the most inclusive government in Pakistan ever. They have already assured full protection of our minorities. He won't go into the detail but there is one element where they still have a problem.