Evoking India’s contribution in liberation movement; PM Sheikh Hasina terms India Bangladesh relation as organic

News Bharati    03-Jul-2019

New Delhi, July 3: Not only sharing political diplomacy and international borders, India and Bangladesh share a close knitted relationship of bilateral extension. Asserting the same on global platform, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that Bangladesh India ties were organic and it goes beyond a few billion dollars of trade. Mainly because both countries have shed blood together during the liberation struggle of the country.

Speaking at the meeting of World Economic Forum in Dalian on the first day of her five day visit to China, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina said that Bangladesh’s relation with India has risen in order to secure peace and security through sustainable development and connectivity. She further added that India and Bangladesh are joining hands to develop the river navigation between the two countries.

About diplomatic relations with China, she said she is not worried about falling into a debt trap due to Chinese involvement in many of the developmental projects. She said Bangladesh has negotiated its projects with China rightly keeping in mind people's interest.

She said that Bangladesh is ready to join an inclusive Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) since faster integration with global supply chain is the future of Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Hasina outlined a five-point agenda to address key concerns of weaker economies of the world. Expanding upon her vision she said that stability in the region, sustainable development, mutual trust for mutual benefit, inclusive development and competition rather than rivalry are its key elements.