'Changes are within framework of Indian Constitution', Russia braces abrogation of Art 370; Urges Pakistan to look for peace

News Bharati    10-Aug-2019
New Delhi, August 10: Walking on the footsteps of the United States, United Nations, Maldives and more, Russia on Saturday has moved up supporting India, who revoked article 370 from the Indian Constitution that provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir, saying that the changes made by India were within the framework of the Indian Constitution, even as it urged India and Pakistan to maintain peace.

"We proceed from fact that the changes associated with the change in the status of the state of J&K and its division into two union territories are carried out within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of India”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said.
Further hoping that India and Pakistan will not allow aggravation of the situation in the region, the statement read, "We hope that the differences between them will be resolved by political and diplomatic means on a bilateral basis. Russia will remain a consistent supporter of normalisation of relations between India and Pakistan”.
MHA Amit Shah on Monday revoked provisions of Article 370 to revoke Article 370 and bifurcated the state into two union territories, being Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Baffled by this, Pakistan expelled the Indian High Commissioner as part of its decision to downgrade the diplomatic ties with New Delhi. Pakistan also announced that it will review all bilateral arrangements with India.