Amid public demonstrations severely disrupting air operations, India issues travel advisory for people travelling to Hong Kong

News Bharati    13-Aug-2019
New Delhi, August 13: Issuing an advisory to the citizens travelling to Hong Kong, India on Tuesday has notified that while operations are likely to resume soon, the flights are likely to continue to be delayed or cancelled aligning to the probability of more protests being held.
This is a day after flight operations were severely disrupted at the HongKong's international airport due to public demonstrations on August 12. The airport authority, within a short notice on Monday, suspended all remaining flights for the day after thousands of pro-democracy protesters entered the terminal's arrival halls.
"Indian passengers are advised to be in touch with airlines to find alternative travel routes to avoid inconvenience, till normalcy is restored in airport operations”, the MEA said in the statement.
The Ministry further advised all Indian passengers, who are already in Hong Kong and waiting to depart, to be in touch with their respective airlines for information about likely timelines for the resumption of their flights.
The airport however was reopened on Tuesday where hundreds of flights still remain listed as cancelled. All stranded passengers are seen lining up to catch their delayed flights, as airport authorities announced that it will implement rescheduling while blaming demonstrators for the chaos.