After cash-for-vote scam, DMK manages to wins #Vellore race

News Bharati    09-Aug-2019
Vellore, Aug. 9: After general elections in India, there are some constituencies witnessed by-elections. After the neck-to-neck battle and with a vote difference of 8,141 votes, DMK's Kathir Anand won the Vellore Parliamentary elections on Friday.

DMK's Kathir Anand defeated AC Shanmugam, founder of the New Justice Party, who represented the AIADMK alliance. His victory comes just three months after the Lok Sabha polls in Vellore were canceled over an alleged cash-for-votes scam involving Kathir Anand.
In April, the Election Commission of India (ECI) canceled the elections in Vellore over alleged efforts to bribe voters by the DMK. Vellore becomes the first constituency in India where a Lok Sabha election was canceled because of cash for votes.
While the DMK alliance candidate got a total of 4,85,340 votes, the AIADMK alliance managed to win 4,77,199 votes. With this, DMK has a total of 38 MPs in the Lok Sabha, while the AIADMK has only one. The constituency has 14,32,555 voters of whom 10,24, 352 persons voted.